Back Float Swimming For Adults - A Step x Step Guide

Frustrated that your attempts at learning to swim are hindered because you can't Back Float?
Here is great Step by Step guide that will really help you!

Whether you have been trying by yourself or spent $$$ on swimming lessons without progress this guide will have something to help you.

I have been swim teaching for over 20 years and I love to teach people how to swim.
I have worked with all types of new swimmer from the most fearful to the cofident who just need the right advice to get them started on theor way.
I absolutely understand your frustrations and confusions with not knowing how to back float in swimming and I am here to help.

I have heard all the misinformation that you have been given and even a lot that you may not have heard;
even some from fellow swim instructors, I know where your head is at.
I know that you may be completely discouraged but I can assure you that there is a better way and I can help you learn it.

You may be tempted to continue to work on assumptions but there is no question in my mind that will lead you into further frustration. You can find out the facts and do something that will free you to learn to swim without all the annoyance.

What is the right information? What is the secrets to success?

Let me share with you what I know. Let me share with you the secrets!

With this special Step by Step guide, you will discovered how to completely changed the way you approached floating on your back!

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Introducing ...

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Everything you need to know about how to Back Float is included in this special Guide:

Overcoming The Fear

Starting In Deep or Shallow Water?

Learn To Sit Up

Bend Your Knees

Adjusting Your Head Position

Absolutely nothing is left out! Everything that will set you up to gain the most benefit from your back float.

This is the most comprehensive guide you will have ever read:

Raise Your Hips & Solving Problems

Raise Your Toes

Start With Kick Boards

Every approch is looked at in this comprehensive guide!

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