How To Teach Swimming Lessons To Adults. Use This Guide

Teaching Adults to swim is extremely rewarding but it is not like teaching children. Every adult is at a different stage in there learning and each and every one of them bring with them years of learned behaviour that has to be taken into account. This guide how to teach swimming lessons to adults.

Help! I've Been Asked To Teach Adults To Swim and It is Different!

An Actual Swim Teacher

I am an actual swim teacher, not a swimming coach, so I'm not going to confuse you by giving you a bunch of drills that are for advance swimmers and are unhelpful for beginners.

Nor am I someone who has just recently learned to swim and thinks I can teach you to teach others. I have been teaching swimming for over 20 years so I know what you need. In that time I have taught every level of new swimmer from babies to adults. I absolutely understand your frustrations and I really do know, how to teach. More than that I love to do it, just as I am sure you do.

A Basic Guide For Swim Teachers of Learn to Swim Adults

When you are teaching adults, unless you are doing private classes with one on one teaching, you are confronted with several students that all have different levels of experiences of water and with swimming. As a swim teacher you have all the knowledge you need to teach adults. You don't need me to hold your hand.

But what you do need is something that will help you create a coherent class. You need to be able to quickly asses each student, determine the skills they need to learn and set them appropriate task that will allow you to work with the entire group.

That is where this Teaching guide comes in.

Teaching swimming should be a pleasure and fun. There is nothing more daunting or stressful than being stuck with lesson plans that don't work or are inadequate or you have been using endlessly for ages. As long as you read and make this guide your own, all the bad feelings associated with your existing lesson plans should be a thing of the past. You can put your heart back into being the professional swim teacher your are.

With this guide, including links to more complete descriptions, you may discover how to completely changed the way you teach Adult learn to swim beginners!

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Introducing ...

This guide will take you thorough each step of your assessment and then highlight what you need to do next to get you new swim students swimming.

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Included in the Guide are the following:

Discussion of Issues on adults Physical Contact And Being In The Water

Dealing With Face In The Water

Blowing Bubbles

Front Float

Back Float



Freestyle Breathing

Breaststroke and More

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