Descriptive and Fully Annotated Learn To Swim Lesson Plans!

Are you looking for something that will take you beyond Free Swim Lesson Plans for Babies and Toddlers?
Are you looking to understand how other swimming teachers do their lessons?
Are you looking for lesson plans that explain every step of the lesson in detail?
Here is your opportunity to get inside the head of a very experienced swim teacher.

An Actual Swim Teacher

Be assured I am an actual swim teacher, so the drills I give will be completely relevant to learning to swim.
There will be nothing here but information directly relating to those beginning to learn to swim.

I have taken the lesson plans that I have developed over more than 20 years and made extensive notes, links and annotations so that you will know exactly what I mean by each instruction. I have always loved to teach swimming and I hope that will show in these notes.

These Are Much More Than Basic Plans

These lesson plans have been written for the swim teacher, who wants something more than just the basic plan.
Either an experienced teacher who is looking for a few ideas but doesn't want to guess what is meant in the lesson plan or a new teacher who just needs help and guidance as you start your career.

Teaching should be a pleasure and fun and there is nothing more daunting or stressful than being stuck with lesson plans that don't work or are inadequate or you have been using endlessly for ages. As long as you read and make these new plans your own, all the bad feelings associated with your existing lesson plans should be a thing of the past. You can put your heart back into being the professional swim teacher your are.

You can share in what I know. You can share my secrets in ways that I have never shared them before!

With these special and very detailed lesson plans, with links to even more complete descriptions, you may discover how to completely changed the way you approached swim teaching!

More than that they are completely risk free for 30 days!

Introducing ...

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All the stages for teaching someone to swim are here in these lesson plans!

Swimming Lesson Plan 2 or 3 to 4 years

Swimming Lesson Plan Level 1 - 4 to 5 years old - Arms Development

Swimming Lesson Plan Level 2 - 5 to 6 years old - Breathing Development

Swimming Lesson Plan Level 3 - Stroke Development

Swimming Lesson Plan Level 4 - Stroke Development Streamline

Swimming Lesson Plan Level 5 - Stroke Development Streamline

Swimming Lesson Plan Level 6 - Stroke Development Streamline

Introducing Freestyle

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Swimming Lesson Plans.

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