Help I'm A Swim Teacher in Need of Learn To Swim Lesson Plans!

As a fellow swim teacher I know your pain with these two most common scenarios:

  1. You are brand new to teaching and you are told "we want you to take this class" and the outline you are given is just that, an outline and nothing more. Perhaps it is worse in that they assume because you are a trained swim teacher you will know what to do and they don't even give you and outline.

  2. You are an excellent experienced teacher and you are always on the lookout for swimming lesson plans and lesson plan ideas.

An Actual Swim Teacher

I am an actual swim teacher, not a swimming coach, so I'm not going to confuse you by giving you a bunch of drills that are for advance swimmer and are unhelpful for beginners or young children.

Nor am I someone who has just recently learned to swim and thinks I can teach you to teach others. I have been teaching swimming for over 20 years so I know what you need. In that time I have taught every level of new swimmer from babies to adults. I absolutely understand your frustrations and I really do know, how to teach. More than that I love to do it.

Written With The Swim Teacher in Mind

These lesson plans have been written with you, the swim teacher in mind. They have been designed to meet your needs whatever they are. Some plans are basic, others are much more detailed.

Teaching should be a pleasure and fun and there is nothing more daunghting or stressful than being stuck with lesson plans that don't work or are inadiquate or you have been using endlessly for ages. As long as you read and make them your own all the bad feeling associated with your exisiting lesson plans should be a thing of the past. You can put your heart back into being the professsional swim teacher your are.

Let me share with you what I Know. Let me share with you the secrets!

With these special lesson plans, many with links to more complete descriptions, diagrams and pictures, you may discovered how to completely changed the way you approached teaching swimming!

And they are completly risk free for 30 days!

Introducing ...

Your Cataloge of Learn To Swim Lesson Plans!

Everything you need to teach your class Well.

Every approch is looked at in these Lesson Plans!

I am so confident that you will love this very special guide that I am offering my ironclad:

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you hate what you read within the next 30 days, simply e-mail me and I will refund 100% of your money on the spot, no hard feelings, no questions asked. That’s how confident I am that you will love these Lesson Plans, no matter if you chose one or them all. ! You can’t do better than that!

Don't pass on this opportunity to finally learn to swim.

Let me encourage you even more. For a limited time all the guides are at a special price. I can’t guarantee how long the price will last. But this much is true it is not going to last. The price could go up dramatically in the future so this is your chance to grab these Learn To Swim Lesson Plans now at a reduced price.

image of a Young boy in the water at the beach splashing his face with water, his friends in the background: beyond parent teacher swim lesson plans cover
Companion To Parent -Teacher Lesson Plans

image of a Young boy in the water at the beach splashing his face with water, his friends in the background: beyond parent teacher swim lesson plans cover
Swim Lesson Plans
For Teaching Beyond Parent Teacher Classes

Image of a kick board in a swimming pool:Descriptive and Fully Annotated Learn To Swim Lesson Plans Cover
Descriptive and Fully Annotated
Learn To Swim Lesson Plans!

Absolutely nothing is left out! Everything is here that will set you up to gain the most benefit from your Learn To Swim Lesson Plans.

Everything is here waiting for you to take advantage of. So just click on your guide of chiose and make you start towards discovering the world of water you have always wanted to know about.


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